"Audible Art"  Have you ever heard of a band described this way?  Jason Wells has!  It's been a year since this Blues-Rock talent has been to Flatted Fifth.  Showtime's at 8 PM, and check out the full review below.  "Audible Art" has us hooked.

The Examiner:

“Jason Wells Proves That Emotional Music Hasn’t Died”

….every-so-often, I come across an artist or group that make me sit up in my chair, readjust my headphones and turn the volume up. And today, was that day. As my ears filled with the soulful, almost haunting bluesy rock that was ‘Step & Stumble’ from an artist out of Frankfort, Indiana by the name of Jason Wells. Even if I wanted to, I was unable to keep from toe tapping along to this song, and soon found myself reading his bio and perusing his various websites that contained his material. Looking over his website www.jasonwellsmusic.com it was easy to see that Jason’s talent, which can only be described as Audible Art, didn’t come easy.