Joe and Vicki Price Blues

Iowa Blues Hall of Fame is represented well by Joe and Vicki Price. You can trust they’ll deliver authentic Blues in a toe-tappin’, foot-stompin’ way that only they can do! From Decorah, IA. Showtime 8 PM.

Darren Jay & The Delta Souls

Trust us. If he’s good enough to play with Buddy Guy, then we are privileged to have him here! With roots in Memphis and regular stage time in Chicago, Darren Jay & The Delta Souls will not disappoint. Besides, we love Todd Lazara’s bass solos:):):) Showtime 8 PM.

Keri Johnsrud Jazz- (cardigans recommended)

Attention!!! Pull out your best cardigan and join us for a very special jazz show with Keri Johnsrud from Chicago, IL. Why the cardigan? Well, did you know that Mister Rogers was a jazz composer? Yes, indeed, and Ms. Johnsrud has recorded an album of his music: Beyond the Neighborhood: The Music of Fred Rogers. Not to worry, you’ll hear Keri’s own amazing original jazz too. Suffice it to say, we are all in for this intriguing show! Showtime 5 PM. Remember your cardigan…

Chris O'Leary Band

Hellooooooo, do you remember Chris O’Leary’s first time here at Flatted Fifth? He had a fan fav, Dylan Doyle, in tow and boy did we have a good time. Well, Chris is touring through the area again and we can’t wait to have him back. Pay attention- this is a THURSDAY. Showtime will likely be at 7 PM since it’s a “school night.” From New York. Awesome vocals.

Boogie Monster

Get your Funk Blues on. Ok, that’s “code” for your dancin’ shoes! Welcome Boogie Monster from Dubuque, IA for their Flatted Fifth stage debut. Show time 8 PM.

Dylan Doyle Band

3….2….1….YES! Dylan’s coming back to Flatted Fifth. Can’t wait!

Word to the (Dylan) wise: Make your reservations early:) Showtime 8 PM.

Matt Woods

Let live music set the tune for your Memorial Day weekend! Always glad to have Iowa native, Matt Woods, back on stage at Flatted Fifth. Solo acoustic Roots Blues. Showtime 8 PM.

Altered Five Blues Band

What an honor to have Altered Five back on stage here at Flatted Fifth. Their CD, “Charmed and Dangerous” has won so many awards this past year. This Milwaukee band will take care of your every Bluesy need. Showtime 8 PM.

Psst….it’s Memorial Day weekend, so we recommend getting your reservation in early.

The Thrio

The Thrio guys from Cedar Falls/Iowa City are back to Flatted Fifth and ready to jazz up your Sunday. Showtime 5 PM. This ensemble is sax, upright string bass and drums.

Studebaker John & The Hawks

Why fight the traffic to get your fix of Chicago Blues? We bring it here and Studebaker John has it under control. Showtime 8 PM.

John D'Amato Blues

Indie Blues Rock is John D’Amato’s calling card. As a prolific composer, you’ll hear tons of originals. From Memphis, TN. Showtime 8 PM.

Mike Wheeler Blues

Welcome back to the Mike Wheeler Band , one of the hardest working bands in Chicago. And they are simply outstanding. Showtime 8 PM

Charlie Painter Jazz

So glad to have Charlie Painter back at Flatted Fifth. Original jazz plus standards coming your way to make you smile. Showtime 5 PM.

Johnny T-Bird and the MP's

Welcome Johnny T-Bird and the MP’s for their Flatted Fifth stage debut. A staple on the Milwaukee Blues scene, we are really looking forward to some awesome guitar licks. Showtime 8 PM.

Skyla Burrell Band

The trials of travel prevented them from getting here last fall, but we have Skyla Burrell on the schedule again- hurray! We’re really looking forward to her guitar talents and welcome the band to the Flatted stage. Showtime 8 PM.