Too Sick Charlie

Too Sick Charlie comes to the Flatted Fifth Blues and BBQ on October 19th. Show starts at 8:00PM. Gut bucket cigar box guitar, blues, and smooth, high-livin' honey in a whiskey jar for pipes. Come on down and shake what your Mama gave ya! From Madison, WI.

Mary Jo Curry

If you missed Mary Jo Curry in July, we'll forgive you this once.  Now's your chance to catch this talented, funny Blues woman back at Flatted Fifth.  From Springfield, IL.  Showtime 8 PM.  More info on Mary Jo here.

Christopher's Very Happy Band

Now more than ever, we all need a little more Happy.ness in our lives. You have stumbled across a possible antidote to the general malaise currently afflicting our culture. The jubilant sound of Christopher’s Very Happy. Band. results from a combination of bright sounding compositions played with joyous abandon by its four members. Individually, their performance credits include the Umbria (Italy), Montreaux (Switzerland), Ozone (Switzerland), Guinness (South Africa) Twin Cities (Minneapolis), Des Moines, and Iowa City jazz festivals. All have interests and experiences across the gamut of current musical styles ranging from Classical to pop, electronica to soul. All of this experience comes to bear in their work together. Showtime 5 PM.

Murray Kinsley & Wicked Grin

“Dark, bluesy ruminations on love and loss featuring the weathered vocals and nasty guitar of Kinsley, who must have sold his soul to achieve such depths of sonic wickedness.” – Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen

It's time for some more outstanding Canadian Blues!  Welcome Maple Blues Award winner, Murray Kinsley & Wicked Grin to the Flatted Fifth stage.  Showtime 8 PM.

Skyla Burrell Band

Welcome Skyla Burrell Band for their FF stage debut! “Between Skyla’s tremendous voice, twin blazing guitars and deeply grooving rhythm section you have a recipe for all night boogie marathons that are guaranteed to leave a few Blues Scars behind. Get yours today!"
Blues Biscuits Showtime 8 PM.

The Adventures of The Curtis Hawkins Band

Hurray!  We're excited to have The Curtis Hawkins Band here at Flatted Fifth.  This versatile group from Galesburg, IL will take the stage at 8 PM. 

Gaines and Wagoner

Gaines and Wagoner aka The Stellanovas are back at Flatted Fifth for an evening of “cafe jazz.” Such a talented duo! Showtime 5 PM. From Madison, WI.

Joyann Parker

Oh boy, we can’t wait to see Joyann Parker again! It’s been too long. She has a new album and takes the stage at 8 PM. From Minneapolis, MN.

The Jimmys

To know them is to stalk them:)  Welcome back The Jimmys to Flatted Fifth!  This 7-piece blues band will kick off our Christmas season with a full horn section and Jimmy on the keys.  Plus it’s our Toys for Tots fundraiser! Bring a toy or $$ donation and make some smiles for Jackson County kids. Showtime 8 PM.