Michael Charles

We’re so glad to have Michael Charles back on stage. This Aussie native came to Chicago over 20 yrs ago to play with Buddy Guy and just stayed on. Lucky us! Showtime 8 PM.

Paul Lichty Jazz Quintet

When he’s not traveling the high seas, we are most fortunate to hook Paul Lichty Jazz Quintet for a show here at Flatted Fifth. “Paul's (original) music makes the performers and audience feel at home and in new territory simultaneously, whether it be with the colors and depth of a large orchestra or the complexity and intimacy of the small jazz ensemble.” From Hudson, IA. Showtime 5 PM.

Patrick Recob Blues

We had so much fun with Patrick Recob his first time here, we needed to have him back to finish the show:) From Kansas City. Showtime 8 PM.

Big Fun Jazz

This sextet jazz band from Iowa City knows how to put together a show to round out the Mardi Gras season. Showtime 5 PM.

Brandon Santini

Let Brandon Santini take your Blues to a new level… Seriously fantastic harp, and Timo Arthur on the guitar never fails to wow us! Showtime 8 PM. From Memphis.

Bluetone Jazz Collective

What? Another 6 piece Jazz band? Of course! Welcome Bluetone Jazz Collective from Independence, IA. Upbeat jazz with Cynthia Bane’s vocals keeping the boys in tune:) Showtime 5 PM.

Blue Mississippi

Blue Mississippi, Iowa’s Blues Hall of Famers, return to the Flatted Fifth stage: Dave Hummel, Bill “Cricket” Davis, Jeff Peterson & Bob Dorr. Always a joy. Always welcome. Showtime 8 PM.

Paint Nite- It's Raining Cats

Sunday afternoons at the Mill are the place to be with Paint Nite. Click here for more info.

Mike Zabrin

It’s been a few months since we’ve had our Blues Funk on with Mike Zabrin. Join us on the dance floor with this truly entertaining band! From Chicago. Showtime 8 PM.

Ron Tegeler Jazz FOURtet

You know you’ll be starting the week out right with Ron Tegeler and his band jazzing up the place! From Clinton, IA. Showtime 5 PM.

Jason Wells- Solo Acoustic

It’s been a couple years since Jason Wells has been here at Flatted Fifth. Help us welcome him back for a very special solo acoustic show. From Indiana. Showtime 8 PM.

Joe and Vicki Price Blues

Iowa Blues Hall of Fame is represented well by Joe and Vicki Price. You can trust they’ll deliver authentic Blues in a toe-tappin’, foot-stompin’ way that only they can do! From Decorah, IA. Showtime 8 PM.

Darren Jay & The Delta Souls

Trust us. If he’s good enough to play with Buddy Guy, then we are privileged to have him here! With roots in Memphis and regular stage time in Chicago, Darren Jay & The Delta Souls will not disappoint. Besides, we love Todd Lazara’s bass solos:):):) Showtime 8 PM.

Keri Johnsrud Jazz- (cardigans recommended)

Attention!!! Pull out your best cardigan and join us for a very special jazz show with Keri Johnsrud from Chicago, IL. Why the cardigan? Well, did you know that Mister Rogers was a jazz composer? Yes, indeed, and Ms. Johnsrud has recorded an album of his music: Beyond the Neighborhood: The Music of Fred Rogers. Not to worry, you’ll hear Keri’s own amazing original jazz too. Suffice it to say, we are all in for this intriguing show! Showtime 5 PM. Remember your cardigan…

Chris O'Leary Band

Hellooooooo, do you remember Chris O’Leary’s first time here at Flatted Fifth? He had a fan fav, Dylan Doyle, in tow and boy did we have a good time. Well, Chris is touring through the area again and we can’t wait to have him back. Pay attention- this is a THURSDAY. Showtime will likely be at 7 PM since it’s a “school night.” From New York. Awesome vocals.