Dave Fields

It’s always a pleasure to welcome back Dave Fields, a talented multi-instrumentalist from NYC. Blues, of course! Showtime 8 PM.

John D'Amato Blues

Indie Blues Rock is John D’Amato’s calling card. As a prolific composer, you’ll hear tons of originals. From Memphis, TN. Showtime 8 PM.

Linsey Alexander

Wow! We went from a cancellation to booking one of Chicago’s finest! Welcome back to Linsey Alexander Blues Band. He just finished recording yet another CD. Such a prolific true Blues musician. Can’t wait! Showtime 8-11 PM.

Charlie Painter Jazz

So glad to have Charlie Painter back at Flatted Fifth. Original jazz plus standards coming your way to make you smile. Showtime 5 PM.

Johnny T-Bird and the MP's

Welcome Johnny T-Bird and the MP’s for their Flatted Fifth stage debut. A staple on the Milwaukee Blues scene, we are really looking forward to some awesome guitar licks. Showtime 8 PM.

Skyla Burrell Band

The trials of travel prevented them from getting here last fall, but we have Skyla Burrell on the schedule again- hurray! We’re really looking forward to her guitar talents and welcome the band to the Flatted stage. Showtime 8 PM.

John Clifton Blues

It’s time for some West Coast Blues! John Clifton swings in from Fresno, CA for their Flatted Fifth stage debut. Showtime 8 PM.

Bridget Kelly Band

We are truly looking forward to having Florida’s Bridget Kelly Band back at Flatted Fifth. (Can’t blame them for not wanting to come to Iowa in the winter!). Showtime 8 PM.

Hotel Blue Band

Hotel Blue Band returns to Flatted Fifth from the tundra of the frozen north aka Minneapolis! Let’s give them a warm Southern welcome. Showtime 8 PM.

Gaines & Wagoner

It’s time for some cafe jazz with Mary Gaines & Chris Wagoner. Their toe-tapping, jazzy groove will ease you into your new week refreshed! From Madison, WI. Showtime 5 PM.

Lauren Mitchell Band

We love supporting women in the Blues too! Welcome back to one of our favs, Lauren Mitchell Band. From Sarasota, FL. Showtime 8 PM.

Odds Lane

It took a lot of schedule comparisons, but we finally have them booked! Welcome Odds Lane to the Flatted Fifth stage. From St. Louis. Showtime 8 PM.

Johnny Burgin

Johnny Burgin brings his Chicago Blues infused with original, contemporary fingerprints. Or rather, guitar licks! You won’t be disappointed. It’s been a couple of years since he’s been here as he has an intense road schedule. Can’t wait! Showtime 8 PM.

Blue Dog Blues Band

More friends from Minneapolis return! Blue Dog Blues Band routinely delivers a wonderful show. Award-winning, original music. Showtime 8 PM.

Jim Buennig

Saxophonist Jim Buennig returns from Austin, TX to our stage. Can’t wait! Showtime 5 PM.

Too Sick Charlie

Solo acoustic and cigar box guitars with Too Sick Charlie will ease you into your holiday weekend. From Madison, WI. Showtime 8 PM. Get ready to smile:):)

Big Fun Jazz

And why wouldn’t you want to come see a 6 piece Jazz band with over the top prowess? Big Fun Jazz assembles a group who not only teach but can walk the talk. From Iowa City and surrounding. Showtime 5 PM.

Mark Cameron

Mark Cameron Band from will take the Flatted Fifth stage at 8 PM. Get ready for lots of original Blues as Mark is a prolific songwriter.

Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones

We don’t get Doug Deming here very often. So we booked him on a Friday this time when he’s routing through on a tour. Join us for good time West Coast Swing Blues! Showtime 8 PM.

Bobby Messano

When Bobby Messano routes through, we snatch him up! We can’t say enough positive things about this Contemporary Blues musician who makes time in his world travels to come here to Bellevue, Iowa. Showtime 8 PM.

Ivy Ford Band

Welcome Ivy Ford band to the Flatted Fifth stage. What a thrill to support such talent! From Chicago. Showtime 8 PM.

Joyann Parker

So excited to have the talented Joyann Parker back at Flatted Fifth. From Minneapolis. Showtime 8 PM.