Steve Grismore Jazz- on a Friday!

Join us for a special show with Steve Grismore from Iowa City.  Today, he will be at the Bellevue Library as part of the "Libraries Rock" summer series, teaching kids how to play Jazz and Blues.  Then, he's coming down to the Flatted Fifth stage for a jazz show.  Kids, bring your families and check out the teacher's mad skills!  Showtime 5 PM (even though it's a Friday.)

Hal Reed & Mississippi Journey

Mercy- we haven't seen Hal Reed since New Year's Eve!  Can't wait to have this Mississippi native with his fabulous harmonica skills back on stage.  From the Quad Cities.  Showtime 5 PM.

Linsey Alexander

Born in Mississippi and raised in Memphis, Lynsey Alexander is a revered Blues musician on Chicago's Blues scene. We are honored he is coming to Flatted Fifth!  From Chicago.  Showtime 8 PM.

The Thrio Jazz

It's time for Sunday Jazz with this wonderful group from Cedar Falls, IA.  Showtime 5 PM.

Ghost Town Blues Band

So it was a regular Thursday until we decided to celebrate our 4th Anniversary with 4 straight days of music!  Who better to start off the fun than GTBB?  This Memphis favorite with their cigar box guitars and awesome trombone starts the fun at 8 PM.  

Cedar County Cobras

Celebrate our 4th year in the Blues & BBQ biz with Cedar County Cobras from Cedar Rapids, IA. If you don't find your feet tapping with this band, then it's time to bring more music in your life:)  Showtime 8 PM. 

Darren Jay & The Delta Souls

We first met Darren Jay & The Delta Souls on Beale Street in Memphis.  Flash forward a few years, and he's helping us celebrate our 4th year in business!  Now based out of Chicago.  Showtime 8 PM.

Big Fun Jazz

When Steve Grismore called up to say he had a new jazz band with horns and keyboards, can guess we said yes!   Welcome Big Fun to the stage to round out our 4th year anniversary in business!  From Iowa City.  Showtime 5 PM.

Studebaker John

Not many of us can claim we've recorded 18 albums of original music with TV and movie credits to boot.  Come see what all the fuss is about with Studebaker John.  From Chicago (Say it correctly, now:  Shih-CAH-go).  Showtime 8 PM. 

John D'Amato

With another all-original CD ready to release, John D'Amato is taking the Flatted Fifth stage!  We think this is a pretty fun quote:  "D'Amato just keeps spewing out wilder and wilder phrases until you succumb to giddy delight or vertigo"
– Michael Molenda Editor, Guitar Player Magazine

So if you dig guitar riffs, then we'll see you at showtime of 8 PM!

Lauren Mitchell

If you missed Lauren Mitchell here at Flatted Fifth this spring, then here's a chance to redeem yourself!  From Tampa Bay, FL.  Showtime 8 PM.

Dave Weld & The Imperial Flames

Life is good.  Dave is back!  Chicago Blues has such fine representation on our stage and we are honored to have Dave Weld back at Flatted Fifth.  Showtime 8 PM.

Dave Fields- Jazz!

You may have seen Dave Fields' Blues show on the Flatted Fifth stage.  This time, he's performing a Jazz show for us!  (When one is a multi-instrumentalist, there are options!!)  At any rate, we're looking forward to seeing him show is jazz chops.  Showtime 5 PM.  From New York City.

Blue Mississippi

A warm Flatted Fifth welcome back to Blue Mississippi.  Dave Hummel, Bob Dorr, Bill Cricket Davis and Jeff Petersen are all inducted into the Iowa R&R Hall of Fame.  From a variety of locations in Iowa:)  Showtime 8 PM.

Patrick Recob

Remember, Kansas City has outstanding Blues bands too!  Welcome Patrick Recob to the Flatted Fifth stage.  Bassist, original music, cool album name, "Perpetual Luau."  Showtime 8 PM.

Charlie Painter Trio- Jazz

It's Labor Day weekend, and you hopefully don't have to work on Monday!  Therefore, Jazz should be in your future:)  Check out Charlie Painter Trio from Madison, WI.  Showtime 5 PM.

Hip Shakin Party

When we first met Hip Shakin Party this winter, we were a bit curious.  I mean really, will they get that many people dancing?  Well, we can affirm a whole-hearted YES!  Put on your dance shoes, maybe stretch a bit and get moving!  Showtime 8 PM.

Mark Cameron

Minnesota is well-infused with the Blues.  Welcome back to Mark Cameron Band with their high energy original music.   From Minneapolis.  Showtime 8 PM.

Markey Blue !!!!!

It's been tooooo long since Markey Blue was on our stage!  She and Ric Latina call themselves the Markey Blue Ric Latina Project and boy, can they crank out "product!"  This team writes so much music, it's phenomenal.  They're on their way to the Blues Blast Music Awards and are warming up at our place.  From Nashiville, TN.  Showtime 8 PM.

Bobby Messano

Every day is a good day when Bobby Messano takes our stage.  We are blessed with such talented musicians here at Flatted Fifth.  Be bold.  Support LIVE music!!  Showtime 8 PM.

Brandon Santini

It's October, and Fall along the Mighty Mississippi is truly stunning.  We strongly recommend you add Brandon Santini to your list of stops along the Great River Road.  Stellar harmonica and vocals and an amazing band!  From Memphis, TN.  Showtime 8 PM.  

Mike Zabrin

We were first introduced to bassist, Mike Zabrin, on a Sunday, when he did a Jazz-Funk show.  This time, we're getting him back for his Blues-Funk talents!  Showtime 8 PM. 

Mary Jo Curry

If you missed Mary Jo Curry in July, we'll forgive you this once.  Now's your chance to catch this talented, funny Blues woman back at Flatted Fifth.  From Springfield, IL.  Showtime 8 PM.  More info on Mary Jo here.

The Adventures of The Curtis Hawkins Band

Hurray!  We're excited to have The Curtis Hawkins Band here at Flatted Fifth.  This versatile group from Galesburg, IL will take the stage at 8 PM. 

The Jimmys

To know them is to stalk them:)  Welcome back The Jimmys to Flatted Fifth.  This 7-piece blues band will kick off our Christmas season with a full horn section and Jimmy on the keys!!  Showtime 8 PM.