What does it take to make time go really, really fast? How about saying, “I do” to opening a restaurant? That’ll do it! We’ve come a long way in a short eternity and are honored, blessed, a bit tired and utterly thrilled to still be here 5 years later.

Many patrons ask us how we chose to even do this… how we chose Potter’s Mill, Bellevue, our cuisine & music. None of it was a snap decision, and every choice has been intentional and driven by passion. We are what many now call “foodies.” Yet it goes beyond that. Both of us were taught how to cook at a young age. Both of us exposed to great cuisines along life’s byways. We fell in love with Cajun & Creole cuisine decades ago. Mark started smoking meats about 15 years ago, and Memphis style was the way to go. We were asked to cook for a variety of events over the years and gently encouraged along the way to consider a restaurant. Blues & Jazz have been our favorite music, and the ensuing vision involved both a restaurant and music venue.

So here we are, and what an amazing journey it’s been to have met wonderful people in our employees and patrons, the community of Bellevue, Iowa and to take the proverbial baton in the stewardship of Potter’s Mill. Cheers and here’s to more years! Rachel & Mark